Bone China manufacturers tell you about the disadvantages of bone china cups | Win-Win

February 06, 2023

High cost, not anti-scalding, the disadvantage of bone china is that its price is much higher than that of ordinary porcelain. Good bone china, such as bone china produced in Tangshan, can only be seen in high-end shopping malls. Why is the price of bone china higher than other porcelain? Because bone china has higher requirements on raw materials and processing technology than ordinary The porcelain is much taller. The raw material of bone china is mainly processed by mixing calcium phosphate and clay in herbivore bone charcoal in a certain proportion, and the firing temperature of bone china is also very high, reaching above 1200°C, which greatly increases the cost of bone china , is also the main reason for the high price of bone china


Another disadvantage of bone china is that because bone china is thin, it will be hot when it is filled with hot things. For example, when we serve soup, if we use a bone china soup bowl, you must have certain skills to know how to handle it with your hands. The place where it will not be scalded is that we press our thumbs on the edge of the bowl, and the four fingers extend from the bottom of the bowl. Because the bottom of the bowl is thicker, it will not be too hot. Of course, bone china cups are these two points Can't live up to expectations.

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