What are the artistic styles of ceramic water cup customization? | Win-Win

February 01, 2023

Today, the editor of the win-win ceramic manufacturer will introduce to you the custom-made art style of the win-win ceramic water cup. Friends who want to know are welcome to follow the editor and take a look.


The characteristics of the royal kiln in the Qing Dynasty made the production of ceramic water cups rely on the support of the emperor and the sponsorship of the national economy to achieve brilliant achievements. The skillful use of colored porcelain painting techniques has left a strong mark in the history of the development of Chinese arts and crafts.


The official sample system of imperial kilns in the Qing Dynasty also built a bridge of communication between the emperor and porcelain craftsmen, so that the emperor's will could be better reflected in the finished porcelain through the spread of official samples. In the late Qing Dynasty, despite the political environment of internal and external troubles, the Royal Kiln Factory still produced many fine porcelain art for the royal family.


In the late Qing Dynasty, the official samples of ceramic dinnerware and finished porcelain fired for the Empress Dowager Cixi were taken as the research objects. By analyzing the external artistic language of porcelain such as decoration, glaze color, and vessel shape, the comprehensive application of art, philology, sociology, iconography, etc. The research method analyzes the origin of porcelain and painting samples and its artistic style, and deeply discusses the various influencing factors of the formation of this artistic style, emphatically discussing the influence of the aesthetic taste of Empress Dowager Cixi, the master of magnesia reinforced porcelain dinnerware, on the artistic style of porcelain. It fully demonstrates the inevitable connection between the painting samples, finished porcelain and the monarch's aesthetic taste.

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