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January 30, 2023

1. Selection of cleaning tools

Some people often use the dishwasher to clean bone china cups, but it is not appropriate to do so. Because the bone china cup is very precious, if the dishwasher is a little careless, it will cause damage to the bone china. The best way is to wash it by hand, or use a rag to clean it.


2. Precautions during the cleaning process

Special attention should be paid when cleaning the bone china, lest the two bone china collide and hinder the edge of the bone china. In addition, you should hold it firmly when cleaning to prevent the bone china from falling on the ground and breaking it. After cleaning, wipe off all the water on it with a dry cloth.


3. Cleaning supplies: vinegar

Some people often use teacups made of bone china. We all know that tea is easy to leave tea stains, and tea stains are not easy to clean, so it is best to clean them in time after drinking tea every day to avoid tea stains. After a long time, you can use vinegar to help clean it. Vinegar can easily dissolve the tea stains and restore the light and cleanliness of the teacup.


4. Maintenance supplies: toothpaste

In the process of use, it is inevitable that some small damages will be caused to the bone china cup products, such as scratches. Although these scratches are small, they also affect the overall appearance. To deal with this scratch, you can use toothpaste to solve it. Apply toothpaste to scratches and then wipe them off, and the scratches will become less obvious, even if you don't look carefully.

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