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January 28, 2023

The ceramic decoration of the bone china manufacturer is an important means to beautify the ceramic products, make the products icing on the cake, and give people perfect spiritual enjoyment. The decoration is intuitive, carried out on a ceramic molding surface and, therefore, falls within the range of exterior qualities. Decoration can be carried out on the body before glazing, and can also be carried out on the glaze, under the glaze and on the glaze itself. Commonly used specific methods include monochrome glaze, variegated glaze (kiln glaze, pattern glaze), crystallization glaze, crack glaze, overglaze color, underglaze color, inglaze color, gold and silver color, bucket color, decals, spray flowers, printing, Brushing, engraving, scratching, picking, sculpture, etc. The above various decoration methods can be used individually or in combination.


The ceramic decoration and ceramic modeling of bone china manufacturers are closely related, just like the human body and clothing are interdependent. From the point of view of the production process, there must be a shape first, and then the decoration can be designed according to the needs of the shape. The decoration serves the shape. According to the relationship, the role of decoration has the following aspects.


1. Ceramic decoration and beautification of bone china manufacturers


The purpose of bone china manufacturers' ceramic decoration is to serve the shape, beautify and enrich the shape. If a product with only shape and no decoration can only be a simple practical vessel; even if the shape is perfect, it will feel monotonous and boring. If you add appropriate and well-fitting decorations to the successful shape, it will be even more icing on the cake. At the same time, the decoration will also give people different feelings. For example, the blue underglaze blue and white decoration with blue tone will make people have an elegant and tranquil artistic conception; ; It is decorated with gold-based materials and has a magnificent effect. Different decorations give people different spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, decoration is an important method and means to beautify the shape.


2. The ceramic decoration of bone china manufacturers changes the feeling of shape


Using different decoration methods to decorate the shape can produce different sentiments and get different spiritual enjoyment. Different decoration forms and parts can achieve the effect of changing the shape. Decorate the main part with a single pattern (suitable for pattern or Chinese painting), one with border flowers or flowers to decorate the mouth and protruding parts of the shape, and the other with full flowers to cover the whole shape, etc. Since the form and location of the decoration occupy different modeling spaces, the modeling image has a different feeling of change. Another example is a chunky shape. If it is decorated with horizontal patterns and decorated on prominent parts, this shape will appear even chunkier. Conversely, the design is adorned with stripes, and the look doesn't feel chunky. This is the same as choosing the pattern of clothing materials. Fat people should not wear horizontal stripes, but thin people are suitable for wearing horizontal stripes. Therefore, the difference in the form and location of the decoration will cause the feeling of changing the shape. Therefore, decorating the same shape with different decoration methods and forms will produce many different modeling effects.

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