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January 17, 2023

The firing and application of bone china cups has a profound history in our country. Its various shapes, beautiful colors, cool and smooth feel, easy to clean, are deeply loved by Chinese people. There are three ways to make bone china cups: overglaze color, underglaze color and inglaze color. The overglaze bone china cup is made of pigments and pasted on the glaze surface or simply painted on the surface of the product with pigments, and then fired at low temperature. The surface must not sink into the glaze. Touch the overglaze bone china cup with your hands, and you can feel the obvious roughness of the flower surface; the firing temperature of inglaze ceramics can melt the glaze, and the pigment can sink into the glaze. After cooling, it will be covered by the glaze layer, and the surface of the finished product It is smooth and has no obvious roughness to the touch; all the decorations of the underglaze bone china cup are carried out on the porcelain body, and after the glaze is applied, it is fired at a high temperature once. The flower surface is covered by the glaze layer, which looks bright and smooth, and feels smooth.


Advantages and disadvantages of bone china mug


Bone china mugs have various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and are easy to clean. They are the first choice for most families to buy dinnerware. However, the colored glaze on the ceramic surface may become a health killer. Lead, mercury, radium, cadmium, etc. in colored glaze are all harmful elements to the body. The radioactive element radium kills white blood cells. Cadmium, lead and mercury are all heavy metals. Cadmium and lead can cause liver or other visceral poisoning, and mercury can cause liver and kidney cirrhosis. When unqualified ceramic products are used, these harmful substances will dissolve and enter the human body with food. Over time, it will cause chronic poisoning. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the clay used to make ceramics. Inferior clay contains more microorganisms and harmful substances. Even if it is not glazed, it will damage human health. Therefore, the specifications and quality of the product are particularly important. The colored glazed ceramics that meet the standards are basically harmless to the human body, but the clear-looking bone china cups may bury hidden dangers for health.

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