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January 10, 2023

Support shed board→clear shed board→sprinkle sand→install kiln→into kiln→fire kiln→cool→open kiln


1. Support shed plate: according to the type of glaze blank to be installed, support the appropriate shed plate frame layer.


2. Clean the shed board: After the shed board is supported, smooth the top of the shed board and clean the bottom.


3. Sprinkle sand: Sprinkle a thin and even layer of refractory silt on the shed to prevent the product from sticking to the feet after burning.


4. Installing the kiln: install the glaze blanks on suitable shed boards according to different varieties.


5. Entering the kiln: Push the kiln car loaded with glaze body into the kiln slowly and evenly, and close the kiln door.


6. Kiln firing: Carry out the firing operation according to the glaze firing process system of the gas kiln, and stop the fire when the highest temperature is reached.


7. Cooling: Cool the kiln according to the cooling system of the glaze firing kiln.


8. Kiln opening: When the kiln temperature has cooled to the specified temperature, open the kiln door, pull out the kiln car, and take the finished product.

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