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January 09, 2023

Tangshan win-win advertising cup mold opening customized spray glaze is one of the modern ceramic glazing techniques. Use a spray gun or a sprayer to atomize the glaze slurry and spray it on the surface of the green body.


It is suitable for large vessels and products with complex shapes or thin tires. The glaze can be sprayed multiple times for multi-color glazing and to achieve a thicker glaze layer.


Glazing technology is a kind of ancient ceramics manufacturing technology, which refers to applying glaze slurry on the surface of the formed ceramic body. There are mainly seven methods of dipping glaze, swaying glaze, pouring glaze, brushing glaze, sprinkling glaze, and rolling glaze.


The glaze spray method refers to the use of a glaze sprayer to atomize and spray the glaze onto the surface of the green body. This glazing method is suitable for large-scale products and products with complex shapes or thin tires that require multiple glazing. It can be glazed multiple times to perform glazing with multiple glaze colors, and can obtain a thicker glaze layer. Now many ceramic tile factories are Glazing is done in this way. There is also a mechanical method of glazing that combines pouring and spraying glazing, which can achieve high efficiency and a smooth and even glazed surface. The hanging glaze of the large sanitary ware product body usually adopts the automatic glaze spraying method.

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