Bisque firing process customized for advertising cups | Win-Win

January 07, 2023

The biscuit firing process (7 steps) for advertising cups has the following processes: billet inspection → shed board → kiln installation → kiln entry → kiln firing → cooling → kiln opening


1. Billet inspection: The fine billets entering the kiln are inspected according to the fine billet standards, and those who pass the test can enter the kiln.


2. Support shed board: adjust the height and frame level of the shed board according to the size of the installed body, and use the pillars on the kiln car to support the shed board stably.


3. Loading the kiln: install the qualified fine blanks on the supported shed board according to the different types.


4. Entering the kiln: After the kiln car is installed, push the car into the kiln slowly and evenly, and close the kiln door. (There are also smaller gas kilns, which can be directly installed in the kiln without a kiln car. It is the same as firing the glaze into the kiln).


5. Firing kiln: Carry out gas firing operation according to the heating curve of biscuit firing, and stop the fire when the firing temperature is reached.


6. Cooling: Cool the kiln according to the cooling system of plain firing to prevent the plain tire from cracking.


7. Kiln opening: When the kiln temperature has cooled to the specified temperature, open the kiln door, pull out the kiln car, and take the fired plain tire.

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