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December 22, 2022

According to the division of raw materials and production processes, my country's daily-use ceramics can be divided into three categories: fine porcelain, ordinary porcelain, and coarse porcelain.


fine porcelain

Fine porcelain is made of high-purity raw materials, which have been screened and iron removed many times. Fine and excellent formulas are adopted. Most of the blanks and glazes are processed by ball milling and vacuum mud refining. Fine porcelain fired at high temperature. This type of porcelain has a dense texture, complete porcelainization, high transparency, and a water absorption rate of no more than 0.5%. It generally has elegant, gorgeous, and colorful decorations. Including domestic sales of high-end and mid-range dinnerware, tea sets and display art porcelain, as well as export porcelain.


Ordinary porcelain

Ordinary porcelain is made by selecting raw materials of appropriate purity, screening and removing iron, and using general formulas. General porcelain. This type of porcelain has a dense texture and a water absorption rate of no more than 1.5%. It is generally decorated with blue edges, decals, spray flowers, and ordinary hand-painted paintings. Including general bowls, plates, saucers, pots, cups, cups, etc. sold domestically.


coarse porcelain

Coarse porcelain is a low-grade porcelain made of ordinary clay raw materials, crushed and washed, and usually fired with glaze suitable for low-temperature firing. This type of porcelain is relatively thick, blue or gray in color, poor in transparency, and mostly has simple decorations. Some bowls have sand rings on the bottom, including coarse porcelain bowls.


However, with the changes in the concept of mass consumption, the grades of ceramics can no longer be distinguished simply from the level of raw materials and craftsmanship, but this traditional way of distinction also has a high cognitive value for our daily production and operation, so I would like to share it with you.

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