Why is it better to drink water from a bone china cup? | Win-Win

December 19, 2022

When it’s time for afternoon tea, make a cup of tea or coffee in a bone china cup, paired with a few pieces of delicate and delicious pastries, which will undoubtedly satisfy your appetite and feast your eyes at the same time. Bone china cups have the advantages of being exquisite and beautiful, as thin as paper, and as white as jade. Win-Win Ceramics specializes in making bone china products. After years of research and development, it has formed its own style in the ceramic circle, and has its own bone china cup brand - win-win. The following win-win ceramics will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of bone china cups and why it is better to drink water with bone china cups.


First introduce the characteristics of the bone china cup


1. The appearance of bone china is beautiful: the porcelain is delicate and transparent, the shape is beautiful and elegant, the color surface is moist and bright, and the flower surface is colorful.


2. High-grade bone china: Produced in the UK, it has long been the special porcelain for the British royal family and nobles. It is currently the only high-grade porcelain recognized in the world. It has dual values of use and art. It is a symbol of power and status. King of Porcelain.


3. Bone china health products: bone charcoal from animals is mainly used to make bone china, and bone china will not contain excess lead and cadmium as other porcelain products.


4. Fine bone china technology: secondary firing, complicated technology, only produced in the UK, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Thailand.


The most obvious and most popular advantage of bone china is that it is exquisite and beautiful. Bone china has the reputation of being as thin as paper, white as jade, sound like a chime, and bright as a mirror. This is the most perfect compliment to bone china.


Why is it better to drink water from a bone china cup?


First of all, the beauty of bone china makes people fall in love with her at the first sight. The color is as warm as jade, the porcelain surface is as bright as a mirror, and the picture of bone china is baked on the porcelain surface. I feel that many friends who have used win-win bone china products will be praised by visiting friends for their exquisite bone china dinnerware, coffee sets, tea sets, etc.; Bone China is a healthy and environmentally friendly low-carbon product that does not contain elements such as heavy metals that are harmful to the body. It is the healthiest life we can use with confidence and is the first choice for home life. A necessary product for home life. Choosing bone china is equivalent to choosing health. living environment. Therefore, from the perspective of health, it is more assured and safe to use bone china products.

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