What is the difference between bone china and ceramics | Win-Win

December 16, 2022

1. Different raw materials. Porcelain raw materials are kaolin, porcelain stone, etc., and bone china is bone powder, clay, etc.


2. Permeability As mentioned above, the raw material of bone china is bone powder, which makes it very permeable. Porcelain generally does not have good permeability, and relatively thin porcelain such as Linglong porcelain can transmit light.


3. Firing process Bone china is a low-temperature porcelain with a maximum firing temperature of 1220 degrees Celsius. It is made by over-firing. The firing temperature of Chinese porcelain is relatively high, because the pigments of flower decorations are caused by heavy metals and require high temperatures to develop.


4. Bone china can only be decals. Bone china is overglaze color. As for porcelain, it can be hand-painted, semi-hand-painted, decals, etc. Porcelain decals can be over-glaze decals or under-glaze decals. The underglaze decals are transferred to the ceramic body, and of course the overglaze decals are transferred to the glaze. There are differences in the coloring of the same hand-painted pattern. You can see the grid pattern when you observe it with a magnifying glass. Of course, you can also check whether there are gaps or overlaps in the pattern at the corner.


5. Unit of measurement The unit of measurement for bone china is "head", and the unit of measurement for porcelain is "piece". "Head" does not refer to the number of animal bone meal used in bone china, but refers to the quantity of the whole set of bone china porcelain; It not only represents the unit of measurement for the specifications of cutlery porcelain, but also represents the difficulty of making porcelain


6. Thermal insulation bone china has a better thermal insulation effect and can retain the taste of tea or coffee for a longer period of time.


7. Water absorption The water absorption of bone china is lower than that of porcelain, so it is easier to clean. Generally, it can be washed with warm water, which gives people a unique sense of cleanliness visually.


Appearance features: bone china, milky white of natural bone powder, with a little yellow in the white, similar to milk powder, the white of porcelain can be bluish white, bright white, etc. Bone China is thinner, with a thickness of only 2 to 2.5mm, and is much lighter than porcelain.

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