Causes and Solutions of Glaze Defects in Bone China Gift Cups | Win-Win

December 07, 2022

1. Proper selection of glaze concentration for bone china gift cups

When glazing, the concentration of the glaze slurry should be properly selected. If the concentration of the glaze slurry is too low, the glaze layer will be too thin on the green body, resulting in rough traces on the glaze surface of the fired product, and the glaze surface after firing will have poor luster. However, if the concentration of the glaze slurry is too high, not only the glazing operation is difficult to master, but also the corners inside the body are often not glazed. After glazing, the glaze surface is more likely to crack, and after firing, there may be phenomena such as piled glaze on the surface of the product.


2. Pay attention to the fineness of the glaze for bone china gift cups

If the glaze is crushed too finely, the viscosity of the glaze slurry will be too high, and the water content will be too high. After the dry body is glazed, the glaze surface will easily crack, and the glaze layer will be lifted and separated from the body. This defect is more obvious if the glaze is thicker. However, if the crushing of the glaze is insufficient, the adhesion of the glaze slurry is too small, and the components in the glaze are easy to settle. And the adhesion of the glaze layer and the body is not firm. If this phenomenon occurs, it can be eliminated by adding a small amount of gelling agent or organic matter.


3. Composition of glaze and blank of bone china gift cup

Too much plastic material added to the glaze will also cause the glaze slurry to become too viscous. After putting the glaze, it is easy to crack and the glaze layer is rolled up. The content of viscous substances should be adjusted. At the same time, too much plastic material in the blank can also affect the quality of glazing. Because the organization of the green body is too dense and lacks permeability. When glazing, the surface of the body absorbs water and swells, but because the water is difficult to penetrate into the interior of the body, the expansion of the inner and outer layers is inconsistent and cracks occur. At this time, the formula of the green body should be adjusted; or the green body should be bisque-fired first to increase its water absorption.


4. Bone china gift cup firing system

The ratio of cold and heat in the cooling zone must be appropriate, and the temperature and atmosphere requirements at different stages must be correctly grasped. Prevent the products from being smoked due to insufficient oxidation, too strong reducing atmosphere, and too long reducing time. The temperature should also be controlled within the temperature range allowed by the glaze or increase the melting temperature of the solvent.

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