Can ceramic mugs be microwaved?

November 07, 2022

Ceramic mugs can be said to be a must-have item for home use. Generally, they can be used to drink water and coffee. Then some netizens raised questions and said: Can the ceramic mug be heated in a microwave oven? I like to drink hot milk. So now the bone china manufacturers win-win ceramics will come to answer this question for everyone!


Are ceramic mugs microwaveable?

Ceramic mugs can be heated in microwave ovens, but I do not recommend that ceramic mugs and bowls with patterns and patterns be heated in microwave ovens.


Utensils that can be used in the microwave oven:

1. Glass cooking utensils. Including utensils made of glass-ceramic, as well as borosilicate glass utensils, ceramic glass and other heat-resistant material utensils.


2. Ceramic cooking utensils. Fine pottery, crude pottery, porcelain utensils, that is, general ceramic bowls, plates, frying pans, etc. can be used. However, containers with metal trims, which may spark or peel, should not be used.


3. Heat-resistant plastic utensils. Any heat-resistant plastic utensils can be used. However, please use heat-resistant glass or ceramic utensils for foods that use a lot of oil.


4. Fried dish. A microwave frying pan is a special utensil used for frying and frying. For example, schnitzel, patties, schnitzel, etc. The surface of this special utensil is coated with microwave absorbing material to absorb microwaves to make it heat up, and the food is heated on the surface of the utensil to produce frying and frying cooking effects. For better use of the frying dish, please read the instruction manual of the special frying dish.


5, plastic wrap, heat-resistant pe bag. It can be used to cover vegetables when cooking, and can also be used as a container lid, but do not directly wrap meat and fried foods.


In general, ceramic mugs can be heated in the microwave.

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